Webinar with IQVIA: Best Practices in Sample Management

Monday, February 12th, 2018 : 0 Comments

Webinar Summary
To effectively and efficiently distribute samples through your field force to prescribers you need a formalized approach that ensures the optimum amount of sample product is at the right places at the right time. Balancing the needs of your sales representatives, the prescribers they call on, and your overall sample marketing objectives with full regulatory compliance can be challenging.

Register to learn the key components of a robust sample allocation solution and how these components address how to:

1.) Optimize inventory levels for each step in the drug sample delivery chain
2.) Achieve visibility into the flow of samples within the supply chain
3.) Link the supply of drug sample manufacturing with delivery
4.) Find the right balance among inventory levels, customer demand, costs and cycle times

Paul Hamby, Group Director, Compliance for IQVIA
Tom Knight, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Invistics

Register For the Webinar: Registration Link

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