Survival Tips for Manufacturers

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 : 1 Comment

I’ve been following this discussion for a few weeks now: Top 10 Survival Tips For Manufacturers: What Are Yours?

If you are not a member of Manufacturing Executive community, you probably should be. Here is this great list from Guy Morgan, president of Performance Improvement LLC and managing director of business advisory consultants BBK

  1. Maintain your focus
  2. Reinvent your products regularly
  3. Enhance product and process design
  4. Manage your supply chain
  5. Rethink off-shoring
  6. Improve quality
  7. Diversify your customer base
  8. Embrace globalization
  9. Invest in your employees
  10. Facilitate total productive maintenance

And a Lean mentality naturally supports several of these points. I might change #8 to “embrace  change” – as globalization is part of the changing world we live in. And I would add #11 – “measure the right metrics.”

What are your survival tips for manufacturers?

One Response to Survival Tips for Manufacturers

  1. Jim Hulbert says:

    I believe it is vital to be constantly upgrading your product, always figuring out ways on how to improve. With technology even this is industry is changing rapidly where the slow improvers are thrown to the back.

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