Screencast of our Safety Stock Optimization Software

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 : 0 Comments

High-mix companies are manufacturing and distributing a wider variety of products every year, with increased variability in both supply and demand.

These companies have a choice for inventory optimization:

  1. Continue to struggle with homegrown, spreadsheet approaches,
  2. Invest significant time and money building and maintaining tools from ERP vendors
  3. Quickly optimize inventory using cloud-based tools, such as the Inventory Advisor from Invistics

Our Invetory Advisor software uses advanced analytics to optimize inventory levels & safety stocks. Implementation is quick and requires a minimal amount of inputs and resources from IT. You can configure the software to optimizes all inventory: raw materials, WIP, and finished goods, across the supply chain, while slicing and dicing the dataset in whichever way makes sense for your business so that you can manage your “A” SKUs (also known as high runners) differently than your “B” and “C” SKUs

Below is a video demonstration of the Inventory Advisor in action:

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