Lean Confessions: (Myth 1)

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 : 0 Comments


Myth#1: Lean is a huge initiative that drains financial and human resources.

Believe it or not, many companies have opted to forgo Lean because of this very myth. The thought of overhauling their whole process puts them into a panic:  trying to find where funding will come from and how much will it cost to train their employees.

In these economic times, everyone is looking for ways to cut corners and save. However, companies shouldn’t worry about Lean processes draining their financial, or even, human resources. The interesting truth about Lean is that, if processes are implemented properly, it will not cost as much as previously feared. In fact, some companies have reported a substantial return on investment within the first year.

To conserve financial and human resources and proceed with a Lean implementation, the best thing is to start with a fast, low-effort pilot that will quickly make up for the resources used in the project. The benefits and savings that a company will see within a few months will ease financial fears and pay for any future expansion of Lean.

Has your company overlooked Lean processes because of this misconception? Have you tried Lean and run into any strains, either financially or worker related? We would like to hear your input. Let’s discuss!

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