Lean Confessions: Getting Help with Lean

Thursday, June 9th, 2011 : 0 Comments

Myth: My people know all about Lean. We’ve got it covered.


Imagine it. Your department has implemented Lean. Everything is going well. The numbers are all heading in the right direction. You’re seeing the desired results and, each day, your employees are learning more and more about it. Does this mean you are done with your Lean journey?

Lean is a learning process that takes time. Lean practitioners find there is always room for growth and opportunities to learn about Lean.  Even a company filled with Lean “experts” can benefit from the fresh perspective of an outside source. You never know, your company could be so set in its ways that opportunities to improve are overlooked. A new perspective is especially helpful for high-mix manufacturers because they are not typical cookie-cutter Lean implementations.

Our consultants specialize in high-mix Lean manufacturing techniques and have experience working with multiple companies and in various industries. They bring in new ideas and fresh approaches to problems that your organization may have thought were impossible to solve – or didn’t even see as an opportunity. By adding a consultant’s expertise to your knowledge base, you increase the likelihood of sustained success within your organization. And who knows, maybe this combination could help you to  exceed the Lean goals that were set.

Has your company considered adding an outside source to your Lean journey? Or do you feel that your internal Lean champions are enough? Let’s discuss!

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