April Webinar: End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility, Best Practices & Maturity Level


Description: As companies continue to expand and globalize their supply chain, end-to-end supply chain visibility becomes more and more critical to remaining competitive. Manually-driven processes, uncoordinated nature of complex supply chain communications, and challenges with aligning multiple computer systems are… more →

Porter Survey: Drug Diversion in US Health Care Systems – Are We Doing Enough?


[Research Survey] In 2017, Porter Research conducted a survey about the theft of narcotics by US healthcare workers. One-hundred fifty health care professionals, representing over one-hundred forty health care organizations, were asked about drug diversion in their organizations. Because the… more →

Inventory Optimization, Maturity Levels for High-Mix Environments


[White Paper] Written for manufacturing & distribution executives and supply chain managers, this whitepaper describes strategies companies can deploy to “right-size” their inventory in high-mix industries where SKU counts are in the 1000s. In this whitepaper we will summarize the… more →

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility, Maturity Levels & Best Practices


[White Paper] Today’s supply chain landscapes are being transformed as companies globalize and broaden their product mix in order to stay ahead of the competition. This whitepaper summarizes the four maturity levels we’ve encountered for end-to-end supply chain visibility as… more →

Invistics Exec. Brief – Cycle Stock Opimization


… more →