NASCSA Webinar: Research into Drug Monitoring and Diversion Prevention in Healthcare


[Webinar Video] 10% of healthcare workers will divert drugs in their career, jeopardizing patient safety and their own well-being. Healthcare companies with diversion are now at high risk of financial fallout due to multi-million dollar DEA fines, lawsuits, lost of… more →

Webinar with NADDI: Improving Drug Diversion Detection and Prevention in Healthcare – An NIH National Study


The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigations (NADDI), is pleased to present a complementary webinar on Thursday, February 7th 2019 at 2 p.m. EST for members and others interested in the current opioid crisis in healthcare. Research has found 10%… more →

Webinar with NADDI: The Danger of Imported Counterfeit Medicines in America


The Danger of Imported Counterfeit Medicines in America – An overview of the history, key incidents and current state of counterfeit medicines in the United States. Partnership for Safe Medicines Executive Director Shabbir Safdar and Senior Advisor Sven Bergmann will… more →

Porter Survey: Drug Diversion in US Health Care Systems – Are We Doing Enough?


[Research Survey] In 2017, Porter Research conducted a survey about the theft of narcotics by US healthcare workers. One-hundred fifty health care professionals, representing over one-hundred forty health care organizations, were asked about drug diversion in their organizations. Because the… more →

Oct 16 Webinar: Best Practices for Controlled Substances Inventory Management


Managing and tracking inventory of controlled substances per DEA regulations is a huge task for manufacturers and distributors, particularly for R&D and Analytical registrations where paper-based transactions are still the norm. Join Invistics for a presentation on best practices for… more →