Are You Leading or Following With Lean? (Quiz)

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 : 0 Comments

Leaders, competitors, and followers exist in all industries, and especially in manufacturing. How does your company rank? Is your organization operating on the model that others watch — or are you following others? Find out where your organization stacks up with this quiz.

Note: Only add the corresponding points if your answer to the question is “Yes”.

1. Your company involves individuals from all business segments (including suppliers) in its business plans (add 1 point)

2. Your company focuses mainly on manufacturing areas & includes only a portion of those in aligned areas (add 3 points)

3. Your company focuses on the plant floor with weak support (add 5 points)

4. Your company has a broad use of metrics — some are automated and some are manual. (add 3 points)

5. Your company has a broad application of methodologies (i.e. Kanban, 5S) with wide access to real-time data (add 1 point)

6. Your company uses few Lean tools and has limited access to manufacturing data  (add 5 points)

7. Your company’s business processes are embedded in Manufacturing Execution Systems which ensures consistency (add 1 point)

8. Your company applies Manufacturing Execution Systems and continuous improvement programs (add 3 points)

9. Your company’s metrics are calculated frequently by IT systems with high accuracy and credibility (add 1 point)

10. Your company has a several Lean tools and good access to manufacturing data (add 3 points)

11. Your company has a manual Business Process Management using tribal knowledge and is skeptical about new technology (add 5 points)

12. Your company has a few metrics that are manually calculated and not usually actionable (add 5 points)

If you scored 15 to 20 points, your organization is considered a Follower and there is room for improvement. Invistics offers resources such as free white papers, executive briefs, and hosts monthly webinars at no charge to help you achieve Leader status.

If you scored 9 to 14 points, your organization shows characteristics of being a follower and a leader, a status known as a Competitor. You are making the necessary steps toward Leader status. To help you on your path, check out the Invistics website for free information and monthly educational webinars to help you become a Leader more quickly.

If you scored 4 to 8 points, your organization is a Leader and on the right track. To keep up with the best practices in manufacturing excellence, follow us on twitter, and subscribe to our blog.

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