Monthly Archives: July 2011

The “a-ha” moments!


One of my favorite aspects of working with clients is seeing the “a-ha!” moments – when a team embraces the changes and starts to drive the move to Lean, it is a great experience. Even better, though, is watching the… more →

Tailoring Lean: Is it Necessary?


One of the common myths we hear is “Toyota’s Lean techniques should work in all industries without adaptation.” This statement is not completely false – only part of it is. There is some truth in: “Lean techniques will work in… more →

MachSix is a Vitamin For Your ERP System


Vitamins supplement your body with essential elements that it wouldn’t get naturally. Sure, you can survive without your daily vitamins- but if you want to feel your best, look your best, and have a long, healthy life, it’s almost universally… more →

Invistics Takes the Guess Work Out of Production Quantities


Latest MachSix Module Optimizes Lot Sizes and Batch Sizes for Complex Manufacturers ATLANTA (July 12, 2011) – Invistics, the recognized leader in Lean manufacturing analytics software solutions for high-mix manufacturers, today announced the addition of the Lot Sizer module to… more →

Fix it later. Take the plunge.


We are often asked during Pull implementation projects: “Should we fix all of the major issues in our process before we make the big switch to Pull?”  The concern is that trying to overlay a new approach over an imperfect… more →