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Unique Supply Chain Challenges for Life Sciences


The Life Science industry has a set of unique set of supply chain challenges that add additional complexity for management. In our company experience the following are all “pain” points for managing a successful supply chain at a pharmaceutical company:… more →

The King of Manufacturing Equations


In queueing theory, Kingman’s formula states that the mean waiting time is given by:       AQT = Average Queue Time. p = Utilization, expressed as decimal Ca2 + Cs2 = arrival and process coefficient of variations. τ =… more →

Kingsman’s Equation and Your Plant’s Utilization


Our last blog post provided a general summary of Kingsman’s Equation and how it relates to your manufacturing operation. Today we’re going to delve a little deeper into the equation to prove that when it comes to lowering the Average… more →

US Manufacturing Growth in 7-Year Low


“The survey indicates that factory output is dropping at an annualized rate of approximately 3 percent, and factory headcounts are being culled at a rate of around 10,000 per month,” Chris Williamson, Markit’s chief economist, said in a statement Monday.… more →

Rhythm Wheel Optimization with Cadence Advisor


Cadence Advisor is a ‘workbench’ module in the Flowlytics suite that allows planners to rapidly evaluate many possible production cadences (aka ‘rhythm cycles’ or ‘rhythm wheels’) to minimize overall costs while creating a smooth and repeatable manufacturing sequence. Planners are… more →