Controlled Substance Inventory Tracker

Pharmaceutical companies that handle controlled substances face demanding regulatory requirements from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The DEA requires all records to be accurate and “readily retrievable” on demand. When you factor in the complexity of multiple registrations, sites, and controlled substance locations, visibility into the products from cradle to grave is a mandatory requirement.

This is why Invistics has developed its Flowlytics(R) software suite, to allow all pharmaceutical companies that handle controlled substances to maintain accurate, real-time electronic inventory tracking.

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Features and Benefits

About Invistics

Invistics provides consulting services and supporting software solutions that enable controlled substance registrations to track their inventory electronically with electronic data records and realtime dashboards.
The software comes with full support from BuzzeoPDMA, our business partner, and leader in the world of controlled substance consulting.
We are passionate about helping companies improve their performance.
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