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Funded by the National Science Foundation, our Inventory Advisor software module is designed to solve the common challenge of "too much of the wrong stuff, and not enough of the right stuff" plaguing high-mix manufacturers. If you’re wondering how you can reduce inventory, free up working capital and still achieve high customer service levels, we can help.

View a case study of how Invistics worked with MeadWestVaco, a packaging solutions manufacturer, to right size their inventory, free-up working capital by ~50%, and maintain high levels of customer service.

Inventory Advisor Features

About Invistics

Invistics provides consulting services and supporting on-demand software solutions that help high-mix manufacturers achieve the right inventory levels for their supply chain through advanced analytics and actionable insights. Demand-driven Lean solutions improve manufacturing plant profitability by reducing cycle times and costs while increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.

We are passionate about helping manufacturing companies improve their performance.
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